About Thermaflo

As liquid food process engineers, Thermaflo specialise in design, fabrication, integration, automation and industrial electrical work for a range of stainless steel equipment for the heating, cooling, and processing systems for the dairy, juice, honey and other liquid food processing industries.

As well as designing and manufacturing your plant, Thermaflo also carries out the installation and the commissioning of the equipment including the necessary services such as boilers, water/glycol chilling systems, air conditioning and factory ventilation.

Thermaflo have an innovative design team with many years of practical experience that we utilise in all of our projects. This team offers a consultancy service, process flow path drawings, site drawing, 3D CAD drawing and technical information to help you at all stages of your project.

Making customer service a top priority, Thermaflo makes a real effort to establish what customers' wants and needs are and set about designing a process that achieves these. We have the flexibility to be able to design a very simple system or one-off item, to a completely automated process line, from product reception to end of line packaging ready for the supermarket shelf.

Working predominantly in the Greater Asia, Australia, Pacific Basin and New Zealand markets we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local food safety regulation and make sure we exceed our clients expectation at every turn.


Our Customer Service

At Thermaflo, customer service is our single most important thing. We all strive to achieve and maintain excellent customer relations at all times and we pride ourselves on this quality. This standard is maintained both during the project as well as after the project has finished.

Even from afar we offer our customers an on-line service via the option of an access modem on the systems electronic controls. This option allows us to check on the function of our equipment and fault-find if there is a problem, all without visiting the site. It is this commitment to our customers that has enabled us to build our business and has provided a solid base for our future growth.


Health & Safety

At Thermaflo we operate systems to ensure the safety of all staff, contractors and visitors. As a company we are committed to the promotion of excellence in the management of Health and Safety awareness. We endeavor to ensure all operations are carried out in a safe, efficient and environmentally conscious manner.  Feel free to refer to our Health & Safety policy for further information on our commitment.