Shrink Wrapping Machine

Robustly designed to achieve efficiency and flexibility to meet a wide range of shrink wrapping requirements.

The Trepko shrink wrapping machine is fully automatic, robustly designed for the shrink wrapping of products with or without trays to suit large volume operations of grouping or packing beverages such as juice, beer, mineral water, glass bottles, and cans.

shrink wrapping machine


You'll benefit from:

  • Ease of Use: The Trepko fully automatic shrink wrapping machine is convenient, easy to operate and caters for large volume packing requirements. Once started, it does not require an operator. Products are fed automatically by a conveyor with continuous plastic wrap feed, and auto-slicing inside the heat tunnel.
  • Flexibility: The machine is designed to wrap a variety of products of different shapes and sizes, from a wide range of formats to adjust to the dimensions of the product.
  • Energy Saving: The Trepko shrink wrapping machine has a low power consumption per unit packaged assisted by a well-insulated heating tunnel.
  • Minimal maintenance: The machine has a low number of moving parts and is easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Accuracy: Precise wrapping of product without damaging its structure.

The machines are versatile and compatible with various types of shrink-wrapping film and will achieve the same efficiency for low, medium, or high density of shrink film from 40 to 80 microns.


Additional Options:

The machine can also be upgraded with accessories for perforation, film end indication, and film loading for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.


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