Filling Machines


Thermaflo have secured the rights to work with some of the worlds best filling machine manufacturers, Trepko and Filmatic.


Trepko Logo Filmatic Logo


Trepko are a truly international manufacturer, based in Denmark with sites in Poland, United Kingdom and Brazil, while Filmatic have their manufacturing base in South Africa.


The Trepko and Filmatic brands are so complementary that Filmatic became a subsidiary of the Trepko group in 2015. So although there are two brands, in effect, it is the same company.


Within New Zealand and Australia Thermaflo are proud to be the sole agents for both Trepko and Filmatic. We have the expertise to install and commission complete lines, from product reception through to processing, filling and end of line packaging and palletising.


The Trepko Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging solutions for the food industry. With over 70 years of manufacturing experience they are placed at the forefront of the packaging industry and today can proudly say they have loyal customers in more than 120 countries across the world.


Trepko and Filmatic share the vision of attention to detail. With so many moving parts, the detail is where one filling machine will stand out from another, and Trepko and Filmatic are standout performers.


Their machines are characterized by high efficiency and reliability as well as ease of use and minimum changeover times. Production Quality is tightly controlled which gives the customer confidence that even the smallest parts are manufactured with extreme precision and are of the highest quality.


Thermaflo are very proud to sell and support this great range of products. This is European technology at it’s best brought to Australia and New Zealand with local support.