ESL Bottle Filling Machine

Extended Shelf Life (ESL) is expanding the lifespan of perishable products through packaging, without changing the taste characteristics of the freshly produced product itself.


ESL a great choice for those wanting a longer shelf life without the additional expense of aseptic technology, and is well suited for products such as Milk, Juice, Water etc.


You'll benefit from:

  • Save on delivery costs - No need for daily delivery with a longer product shelf life.
  • Shelf life stability - without compromising on fresh flavour 


Factors to consider for ESL:

Air Management

  • Clean room = Class 100
  • Pre-filtration
  • HEPA filtration
  • Diffuser
  • Laminar vertical airflow


Cap Sterilization

Eliminate potential contamination issues from the cap.


Container Sterilization

Single or double stage rinsing using a combination of sanitizing agents available.


Auto-sanitise and CIP

  • Auto-sanitise (Surface Sterilization)
  • A multi-stage programmable system to conform to individual product requirements.
  • CIP (Clean in Place)
  • Multi-stage, two-directional systems which can be programmed to confirm to individual product requirements.


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