Rotary Tub Filling and Closing Machines

Rotary Tub Filling Machines where even the most complex projects and most sophisticated presentations are feasible.

The TREPKO 200 Series provides single or multi-lane solutions for dosing different product types. Quick and simple changeover to alternative packaging, and different methods of container closing. The machines are ideal for high volume, market leading tub fill presentation.

rotary tub filling and closing machines


You’ll benefit from:

  • Flexibility – The flexibility of the 200 Series with its quick and simple changeover procedures allow for using both traditional as well as new innovative packaging designs.
  • Hygienic – The 200 Series machines meet stringent site hygiene standards which can be enhanced by using additional solutions such as air filtration and decontamination of packaging.
  • Durability – The robust construction materials used in the 200 Series guarantee a long machine life in demanding production environments.
  • Quality & Safety at the highest level – The design and construction of the 200 Series machines guarantee operator safety, machine protection, and product/packaging quality delivery.
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance – The 200 Series has recipe screen functionality for quick access to recipes assigned to a given product and container volume.


The 200 Series are available in four frame sizes with various number of lanes and can achieve output of up to 14,000 cups per hour.


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