Semi-Automatic Tub Filling and Closing Machines

The cost-effective option for filling and sealing pre formed containers.

The TREPKO 20 Series semi-automatic tub filling and closing machine is designed for customer’s filling niche or lower volume products.

The semi-automatic operations include auto lid placement, heat-sealing or closing by plastic snap-on lid. The manual operations include placement of the empty containers into rotary table, level fill and removal of sealed containers. Subject to operator’s speed, the machine output can reach between 12-15 cups per minute, or up to 960 cups per hour.

semi automatic tub filling and closing machines


You’ll benefit from:

  • Cost-effectivity – The machine is designed for customers whose required output does not warrant a fully automatic machine.
  • Flexibility & Ease of Use – The machine can be supplied with change parts for different container sizes. All change parts are designed for quick changeover times to minimise downtime. A different frame size is available for larger containers.


Additional option:

Upon customer’s request, the machine can be equipped with an automatic product doser. 

A special version of the 20 Series is designed for the closing and sealing of cardboard sandwich skillets.


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