Pasteurisation is the process of heat treating a product to ensure that it is safe for human consumption and to increase the shelf life of the product.


Products All Dairy products, Juice, Edible Oils, Honey, Soups, Condiments, Water, Coconut milk, Almond Milk, Egg Pulp, Syrups, Other
Flow Rates  150L Per Batch - 50,000L Per Hour
Inlet Temperature 4 Deg C - Any
Processing Temperature  65 Deg C - 160 Deg C
Outlet Temperature Any - 4 Deg C


There are several trusted forms of pasteurisation, LTLT or Low Temperature Long Time, HTST or High Temperature Short Time, Tunnel pasteurisation and HPP or High Pressure Pasteurisation plus other emerging methods. Depending on the product you are pasteurising and what the intended end product is, each pasteurisation process requires it’s own specific design.


Thermaflo has had a long-standing tradition to supply top quality, efficient pasteurisers that  are specifically designed to meet you process needs. Our systems range from as small as 150L batch pasteurisers (LTLT) to an excess of 50,000L per hour pasteurisers (HTST).


Specialising in pasteurisation, the team at Thermaflo have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to developing a pasteuriser for your individual requirements.  Whether the product is milk, cream, juice or even egg yolk or other difficult to pasteurise products, Thermaflo have a solution for you. 


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