Pilot Plant Equipment

Lab-Scale Pilot Plant Equipment


As the sole agents for Powerpoint International here in New Zealand, we are able to supply top of the line laboratory and pilot plant equipment to research and development facilities all over the country.


If it's juice, milk, soy milk, soups, sauces, custards etc. that you want to process, either laboratory-scale or pilot scale, we have the machines to suit.



 Introduction to Powerpoint International


The range of heat exchangers available include;


  • Indirect heating,
  • Direct steam injection or
  • Direct steam infusion (DSI)


And these can be made to specification with plates, tubes, scraped surface or any combination. 


We are able to include both direct heating and indirect heating on one base, so comparisons can be made easily.


Tube in tube indirect heat, plates indirect heat or combinations of the two so tubes and plates are available on one base.


Pilot Plant Equipment


We take into careful consideration your requirements and then develop a design that suits your processing, development or any other needs. We are also able to provide you with margarine and spreads processors, small scale retorts, and spray driers.


We supply a full range of tubular and plate UHT/HTST models for a wide variety of products with holding tubes manufactured to any time that our customers require.


Our range covers the full spectrum of requirements, including;


  • Mini UHT@ 10 to 20  litres per hour,
  • Econo-Lab series @ 20 to 60 litres per hour,
  • Pilot Plant @ 200 litres per hour
  • Larger production UHT Heat Exchangers are also available, starting at 500 litres per hour.


All are available with either plates, tubes or scraped surface models.


The smaller scale equipment (up to 100 litres per hour) does not require any steam. They are very compact units and are all contained in a mobile stainless steel cabinet for easy moving.


For more information about laboratory / pilot plant processing requirements, please leave us a message or give us a call.



Technical Questions?

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Our highly skilled process engineers are always available to answer your questions.

You can contact us through 06 777 5300 or complete our simple form