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Recovery and filtration of tank lees with the dynamic crossflow filtration (DCF) 


Every drop counts in oenology. With its dynamic crossflow filter (DCF), ANDRITZ Separation provides a highly efficient separation solution that is superior to common technologies like vacuum drum filters or filter presses.


A DCF skid is plug-and-play solution for sustainable lees recovery, increasing the plant yield and, at the same time, reducing the volume and mass of waste streams.


Thanks to its small dimensions, the DCF skid not only provides very efficient separation technology but is also a very compact and space-saving unit, benefiting from its vertical layout.

Andritz DCF skid

The Andritz Krauss-Maffei dynamic crossflow filter


You'll benefit from:

Higher Yield - Up to 98% of wine processed.

Save money on consumables - There's no need for filter aids, minimizing costs for consumables and their disposal.

Direct Bottling - Filtered wine has top quality with regard to Vmax, IF, or IFM, allowing direct bottling, no loss of alcohol, CO, flavour, or taste.

No O pick-up - Due to self-venting design through vertical shafts.

Reduced energy consumption - approx. 7.5 kW for 10 hl/h.


The skid is already equipped with a wide range of process instruments, which means there is no need for Recovery and filtration of tank lees with the dynamic crossflow filtration (DCF) additional installations.


Operation of the unit itself is very easy because the DCF skid runs in a continuous and stable process in which no diatomic earth or other filter aids are needed.


Tank lees recovery during vintage or wine purification is only one of the various applications of the DCF skid. It is a smart solution to increase yield, optimize quality, reduce costs, and improve working conditions.


Fields of Application:

  • Grape juice and must
  • Vintage and turbid wine
  • Wine fining
  • Traditional crossflow retentate
  • Separator sludge

Scope of Supply

  • Plug-and-play skid, minimum of process and utility connections
  • All process instruments included
  • Touch panel with graphic visualization of the process Left to right: feed, permeate, retentate DCF skid
  • Fully automatic CIP (cleaning-inplace), without an operator being present
  • Feed pump with frequency converter included
  • Connections for three CIP media as well as hot and cold water handling included
  • Frequency converter to allow optimum adjustment of membrane rotation for each product
  • Control of retentate discharge, not back to tank, but directly to waste collector
  • Automatic backflush allows maximized and homogeneous filtration rates


 Optional Features

  • Double strainer with manual cleaning
  • Double strainer with automatic cleaning
  • Smart access supervision
  • Remote diagnosis tool


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