Cheese Production

Due to the many different types of cheese available, it is critical to understand client requirements.

We spend time making sure we understand your needs and expectations, then translate this into a technical design in cheese production.


Products Our systems have the ability to produce all types of cheese
Flow Rates  150L Per Batch - 50,000L Per Hour
Inlet Temperature 4 Deg C - Any
Processing Temperature  65 Deg C - 73 Deg C
Outlet Temperature 25 Deg C - 35 Deg C


Pasteurisers - We design and manufacture both HTST and Batch pasteurisers to suit your daily cheese milk volumes.


Cheese Vats - We design and manufacture a whole range of cheese vats to suit any volume and purpose. Whether you require round or rectangular, heated and insulated, overhead stirring and curd-cutting, taking the type of cheese that you wish to produce into account, we will consult with our cheese making clients and design the most suitable cheese vats for you.


Curd Distributors, Cheese Moulds, Draining Trays, Draining Tables, Cheese Working Tables - Depending on your individual requirements we can include any equipment for the cheese-making process.


Cheese Production


Cheese Press - Again we take into account your requirement, e.g. the mould sizes and quantity so that we can supply a suitable press. 


Cheese Brine Tank - Designed and manufactured by Thermaflo to suit the site requirements.


Electrical Control - We design and build the central control for the above plant: by doing this we take responsibility for the interface of the plant and this enables us to deliver the complete integrated solution.



Our Partners:

Within New Zealand and Australia, Thermaflo are proud to work with MilkyLAB and Christakis Agathangelou, both experts within their respective areas of expertise. 


Milkylab Logo off website

MilkyLAB are leaders in designing and producing machines and automatic systems to produce “Pasta Filata" Cheese such as Mozzarella, Pizza Cheese, Analogue Mozzarella, String cheese, as well as spread and processed cheese and Ricotta.


Christakis Agathangelou Logo

Based in Cyprus, Christakis are experts in the development and improvement of production lines for Halloumi, Feta, Yoghurt and Paneer. 



For more information about how we can assist you with your cheese production, please leave us a message or give us a call.





Technical Questions?

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Our highly skilled process engineers are always available to answer your questions.

You can contact us through 06 777 5300 or complete our simple form