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Ice Cream Manufacturing and Filling


Products Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Yoghurt
Ice Cream Mix Preperation 100L Per Batch - 10,000L Per Hour
Pasteurising Inlet Temperature 4 Deg C - Any
Pasteurising Temperature  73 Deg C - 90 Deg C
Pasteurising Outlet Temperature Any - 4 Deg C For Ice Cream Mix
Churn inlet temperature 4 degrees - 10 degrees
Churn outlet temperature -4 Degrees - -20 Degrees
Churn Flow Rate 100L Per Hour - 1,500L Per hour
  • Technical Design -  It all starts with the design to achieve that prefect, velvet mouth feel, we make sure that we understand what the client is wanting, then translate this into the technical design. 
  • Ice-Cream / Gelato Ingredient Mixing – Due to the wide variety of ingredient that could be used, we pay particular attention to mixing stage to ensure full hydration of the various components.   Typically this would involve in line or in tank high-shear mixing depending on the client’s requirement.
  • Heat treatment - The ice-cream mix is then forwarded to either a batch pasteuriser or continuous HTST pasteurisers for the heat treatment process. 
  • Homogenisation – Again, depending on the client’s specifications, a homogeniser can be included to ensure that the final mix is at the correct micron level.
  • Ice-Cream Aging Tanks - Once the mix has been heat treated and cooled, it is then stored in an ageing tank where it is kept at 4 deg C or less.
  • Ice-Cream Churn – We have a great range of ice cream churns available, these are state of the art are specifically designed to enhance the finished product.
  • Ice-Cream Fillers - We will supply the correct filler solution: this will depend on the type and packed weight of packaging and the required flow rate. 

Ice Cream ManufacturingThermaflo are distributors for ROKK      ice-cream processing systems from the UK. The products they sell are top-of-the-line and high equipment.

For more information about how Thermaflo can assist you with your ice cream production, please call +64 6 353 3640 or email