RFE 800


(Figures are based on a standard recipe and may vary)

RFE Range
Maximum capacity  800 ltr/hr
Minimum capacity  250 ltr/hr
Maximum overrun 150%
Minimum overrun  25%
Air consumption 15 NLt/min
Weight (kg)  850
Power Requirement 26 kW
Water consumption 1500 ltr/hr
Refrigeration gas R 507

Dimensions (mm)

870 x 1600 x 1720h

Primary benefits

Simple to operate: Each machine in the RFE series is fitted with electromechanical controls to provide complete yet simple control throughout the freezing process.

Quick and efficient freezing: Each machine is host to an industry unique, high-efficiency barrel to ensure a rapid freezing procedure that doesn’t allow for ice crystals to form within the product.

Powerful pumps: Powerful single piston pumps ensure a consistent feed.

Consistent aesthetic fill design: The RFE series provides a steady and controlled output to ensure easy product management and consistent, aesthetically pleasing fill designs.

Well engineered and highly reliable: the range has been designed and manufactured around ROKK’s core principles of being ‘simple, solid and dependable’, resulting in only the very best, industry-recognised, components being used to ensure each machine is of the highest quality, versatile and extremely reliable.

Chassis: The over-sized chassis’ used to construct the RFE series are built entirely out of premium stainless steel and aluminium to maximise performance and reduce vibrations and sound pollution.

Additional features

  • Overrun control
  • Twin piston mix and ice cream pumps
  • CIP
  • Automatic viscosity control
  • Industrial pumps and gearboxes
  • Ice cream temperature indicator
  • Bitzer compressor
  • Water cooled
  • Low power and water consumption

Additional information

For more information about the ROKK RFE series, please call +64 (0)6 353 3640 or email sales@thermaflo.co.nz