Honey Processing

With honey becoming a rapidly growing high value product world wide, the team at Thermaflo have been involved with many honey producers, assisting them to grow their business, making their extraction and honey process more efficient.


Products All types of honey
Flow Rates  100L Per hour - 2,000L Per Hour
Inlet Temperature 25 Deg C - Any
Processing Temperature  65 Deg C - 75 Deg C
Outlet Temperature 25 Deg C - 35 Deg C


Partnering with another well know New Zealand based company, Crystech, Thermaflo are able to provide many honey producers with a turnkey process, starting on the extraction end, we can assist with removing all raw honey from honeycombs, filtering out and capturing the wax and then sending this on for further process. 


To remove air, moisture and heat treat the yeast spores found in a lot of honey, Thermaflo have developed state of the art honey processing systems to provide the growing number of New Zealand beekeepers a cost-effective way to process their own honey. The processes we have designed will allow honey producers to keep up with the growing demand for high-quality New Zealand Manuka, clover, bush and all other blends of honey.


Honey Processing Equipment

As all of our clients have different requirements, developing a custom process that is tailor-made to their requirements is crucial to the plant success.  We take the time to listen to what our client is looking to accomplish and also try to future proof our design to allow for plant expansion in the future. Working closely with our clients helps us to ensure both parties are happy with the project when it comes to a close and what has allowed us to secure a loyal customer base, as they know we have their best interests in mind throughout each project.

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