In order to provide our clients with the best solution, we work with many clients to provide a complete turnkey solution. This means that you get a cohesive solution that is tailored to your needs, taking your product from the hive to the shelf – extraction, processing and packaging. This includes building design, machinery design, machinery manufacture, delivery and install, plus we provide ongoing technical services.


Starting off with the extraction process, we specify a suitable honey loosener, centrifugal extractor and filters to extract as much honey out of your combs as possible. From here we are able to forward honey through to your own custom designed honey holding tank before it is sent through to our honey thermalisation and deaerating unit.


All machinery we provide is pre-fitted in our factory so that it can be delivered and installed in the same day.


Honey Extraction


Once you are up and running we provide technical support, both on and off-site, with ongoing maintenance contracts available.


For more information about how Thermaflo can assist you with your honey extraction go to our contact us page to leave a message or give us a call.



Technical Questions?

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Our highly skilled process engineers are always available to answer your questions.

You can contact us through 06 777 5300 or complete our simple form