Juice & Beverage


Products All types of juice & beverage production
Flow Rates  150L Per Batch - 50,000L Per Hour
Inlet Temperature 4 Deg C - Any
Processing Temperature  63 Deg C - 99 Deg C
Outlet Temperature Any - 4 Deg C

 Juice & Beverage Production


Using our tremendous experience with hygienic liquid food processing, we will design, manufacture, install and commission your juice and beverage process lines for your specific application. 

We start at the raw product and blend, mix, heat treat and fill juice and other beverage products. We assist our clients with the specifications and supply for those essential service items needed for a complete plant. Services such as boilers for steam or hot water, cooling systems such as water/glycol chillers or cooling towers.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience we also advise our clients on important things such as sub-floor drainage, flooring coatings, flooring coving, general principles for a hygienic environment, complete factory layouts and floor plans etc.  


Blending, Pasteurisation and Filling


  • Technical design:  In order to understand clients' requirement we spend a great deal of time listening and getting to understand the client's needs and expectations then translate this into a technical design.
  • Raw product blending, pumping and storage: Our design will take into account things like required technical specifications of the product and daily volumes.
  • Heat treatment: Thermaflo have developed considerable expertise in the building of both batch pasteurisers and continuous HTST pasteurisers (often referred to as flash pasteurisers). We build to the required flow rate, select the correct heat exchanger (whether this is a tubular or plate heat exchanger unit) pasteurisation temperature, holding time and outlet temperature (eg hot fill, ambient or 4 deg C) typically each pasteuriser is a one -off to meet the specific needs of the individual client.
  • De-aeration:  If needed a de-aerator is included in the line.
  • Pasteurised product balance tanks:  Again, taking into account the site requirements, the design will include tankage to store the treated product to provide a buffer prior to filling.
  • Fillers:  Depending on the type of packaging and the required flow rate that our client requires we will supply and install the suitable filler, whether this is a rotary gravity filler, gable top filler etc.
  • Bottle Handling:  We offer a full range of bottle handling equipment, from depalletising or bottle unscramblers to conveying, labeling, collection tables or bottle packing.
  • Electrical Control:  We design and build the central control for the above plant. By doing this we take responsibility for the interface of the plant and this enables us to deliver a complete integrated solution.
  • Site installation:  Thermaflo will design and install the stainless steel pipe-work for the product, CIP, hot water or steam and chilled water, plus compressed air lines and stainless steel electrical conduit, all to the highest quality and strict hygienic standards. Much like the electrical control, the pipe-work design is a critical component of the integrated process system.
  • Commissioning and Training:  We provide a full commissioning and training service to support the project.
  • After-sales support:  This includes both preventative maintenance service support on a scheduled program as well as on the phone support for the operators and local tradesmen eg the electrician.





Technical Questions?

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Our highly skilled process engineers are always available to answer your questions.

You can contact us through 06 777 5300 or complete our simple form