Wastewater Treatment

More and more businesses are wanting to reduce their water use - and associated costs - by implementing more efficient wastewater systems. 


Typically, the key areas for consideration are:


  • Minimising local government/council compliance costs.
  • Using less primary water.
  • Reducing costs through recovery/reuse of chemicals - especially for CIP.
  • Recovering and treating water for reuse elsewhere in the plant.
  • Minimising discharge volumes and treating wastewater to higher standards for discharge/disposal.
  • Incorporating new technologies for more efficient and sustainable operations.


With our many years of experience across many different types of food industries, we can work with you to design wastewater treatment improvements that meet your requirements and goals.


Wastewater flasks


Water Optimisation

If you're looking to reduce your water usage and/or use your water more efficiently. We can provide a range of options to filter/extract/separate your wastewater back into a usable resource.  



Treatment For Disposal

If you want to meet or exceed treatment standards when it comes to disposing of your wastewater, talk to us about options for screening filters, membrane filters, reverse osmosis and PH adjustment. 



Examples of wastewater treatment solutions:

  • Filter membranes for small/fine particulates
  • Centrifuges/clarifiers to separate liquids/solids
  • Fat/oil separation from water
  • Chemical extraction for CIP Caustic and Acid recovery and reuse
  • Screening filters to remove large solids before further processing
  • Water recovery with reverse osmosis systems
  • PH balancing/adjustment before further processing



For more information about wastewater treatment options, please leave us a message or give us a call. 



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