Industrial Electrical Services

The team at Electraflo collectively have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industrial and commercial electrical, as well as data and BMS (Building Management Systems) environments.  


We have supplied design and systems to a wide range of projects and therefore cover most industrial and commercial applications.


To ensure we understand what our clients are looking to achieve, we take the time during the design phase to appreciate the project's expectations in terms of technical outcomes, time frames and budgets.


From here, we develop the design based on functional descriptions as well as AutoCAD electrical drawings to delivery your project requirements, this can include M/S Project development and Project Management of our component.

Industrial Electrical




  • Dairy Industry - plant design, fabrication, electrical, automation, install, commissioning and support of the complete process plant.
  • Food / Meat Industry - electrical, automation, install and commissioning of the electrical / automation process and ongoing support.
  • Manufacturing & assembly Lines - electrical, automation, install and commissioning plus ongoing support.
  • Packaging and bottling plants - plant design, fabrication, electrical, automation, install and commissioning and support of the plants.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry - plant design, fabrication, electrical, automation, install and commissioning of process plants plus ongoing support.
  • Water and wastewater treatment - electrical, automation, install,  commissioning and support of the plant.
  • Commercial “Smart Building” design - including total power loadings, data, voice, AV, security, HVAC control and lighting.
  • BMS  - design, supply, install,  commissioning and support.



  • Full design and specifications for the above, we use Microsoft Project to plan and scheduling the supply, installation (if required), project management of our components, fully AutoCAD drawings (we employ the latest Premium version and so can produce high tech drawings, 3D imagery and technical specification of your requirements if needed)
  • Consultancy for your project
  • Design, fabrication and installation of control systems (DB's and MCC's)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems for the pumping of all fluids if required
  • Machinery control upgrades
  • PLC (programming logical controller) installation and automation
  • Process control & automation
  • Computer data logging of process. 
  • BMS and SCADA systems for data capture
  • VSD (variable speed drive) installation and automation
  • General maintenance


If you are considering upgrading your plant or need design and or qualified industrial electricians and automation engineers to assist with a project get in touch with Electraflo today, we are without a doubt New Zealand's best-kept secret when it comes to this line of work!

If you require specialist industrial electrical or automation work to be carried out on your premises please go to our contact page and leave a message or give us a call.





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