Plant Commissioning

As part of our turnkey supply, we utilise two forms of plant commissioning on each project. A trial run within the Thermaflo workshop/testing bay, and onsite after installation.


Once the fabrication and electrical wiring are complete, we do a trial run of all process plants in our workshop. By doing this, we are able to fault find a lot of issues and calibrate the equipment prior to it leaving for site, meaning a smoother installation and final commissioning process. 


Plant Commissioning

Depending on the overall size of the project, once the equipment has arrived on site, an automation engineer and a process engineer travel to site to assist with the installation and plant commissioning.


Each process plant we design and manufacture is different, so our engineers make sure that the plant is running to client specifications, and that all lines are run to and from the equipment in the correct manner, and that the plant is properly integrated with the rest of the equipment on site.


Once the commissioning has been completed, our engineers remain on-site to assist with operator training. This service is provided to all of our customers and can be carried out remotely post-installation and commissioning if additional training is required.


If you require assistance with the on-site commissioning of a certain piece of processing equipment please go to our contact page and leave a message or give us a call.





Technical Questions?

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Our highly skilled process engineers are always available to answer your questions.

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